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P.E.T. Communication has acquired a unique expertise in dealing with municipal zoning and permitting. Our team specializes in helping companies overcome permit derogations by presenting their permit requests in a precise and comprehensible manner to all required levels of municipal governments in Quebec and Canada.

Clients who need permit derogations for commercial and industrial network development call upon our services for:

  • zoning changes;
  • construction or renovation approvals;
  • re-opening ‘impossible’ or long-standing derogation files;
  • building strong support within a community for a specific development project.

Our partner, Permit Express, specializes in the step-by-step permitting process, guiding permit requests from A to Z and ensuring that the necessary actions are taken with the appropriate decision makers. In this day of constant municipal realignment, not all municipalities and cities treat permit requests in the same manner or follow the same administrative process.

Based on the different municipal structures, permit requests can be uncertain and complicated, especially in the commercial sector. Whether it is for commercial, industrial or residential purposes, Permit Express will ensure professional and efficient processing of all permit applications.

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